We have just received confirmation that we’ve been accepted as a Registered Installer for Paxton Access Ltd., the UK’s leading manufacturer of Electronic Access Control Systems.

This means, we can now design, supply, install and maintain the full range of  access control systems available in the UK. From the simple standalone door access system using a pin or token to the more sophisticated PC based systems.

A Quick Overview of Paxton Access Ltd.

Based in Brighton, East Sussex the company and has grown rapidly since 1993. Most specialist access control system engineers consider the Paxton range as the ‘Rolls-Royce’, of the industry with high quality and innovative products that are inexpensive to maintain, and backed by great support for their installers and end users.

What Are Paxton Access Control Solutions?

The company provides an integrated range of access control solutions to suit nearly all types of premises from small to multi-site premises and to meet most security needs from low-level to high security risks:

The Compact Range: This is their standalone system for low-security internal doors using easy to use tokens for access.

They are ideal for the smaller premises, sports clubs, storage units and apartment complexes.

Switch 2 Range: Similar to the Compact Range, except for use on exterior doors.

Net 2 Range: This is their advanced PC based access system that can be quickly customised to meet your exact needs, and is my preferred access control system for larger scale projects.

This system can control a few doors to hundreds and you can simply tailor access privileges to groups or individuals instantly using their easy to use software.

The Net 2 Range is ideal for medium to large premises, schools, universities, research establishments, multi-premises, car parks, sports complexes and public buildings.

To immediately download Paxton’s End User PDF Brochure, please click here

To discover more about Paxton Access Ltd., and their door access systems, please visit their web site.

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It doesn’t matter what size of business or type of premises you are operating, we now have in our toolkit the perfect access door control system for your business that will protect your assets, staff and visitors at an attractive and affordable price.


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