All About Our Cookies

It’s now a legal requirement for websites based in the UK and Europe to make visitors aware if cookies are being used on a website, so the visitor can accept or decline.

You’ll notice that when you visit this website there is a bar at the top of the page that states, “This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website,” then followed by two clickable tabs: Learn More & Got It!

By clicking on the ‘Got It!’ tab you accept the cookies and by clicking on the ‘Learn More’ tab you will be directed to this page, so we can explain what cookies we are using and why.

The Cookies We Use On This Website

Unlike many websites, we do not use any types of advertising cookies.

The cookies we use help us to find out what type of content our visitors like and whether they have taken advantage of any of our free or special offers.

They help us track the number of new (unique) visitors to the website and where they have come from. For example, you may have seen our website listed in a directory and decided to click on the link. The Google Analytics Cookie we use will tell us that you were referred from this particular directory.

This helps us to make sure our website is prominent in all the search engines and appropriate directories, and it also helps us to track the results of any online paid advertising that we may undertake.

The Cookies We Use Are:

Google Analytics – As previously mentioned, Google Analytics help us to identify who visits our website, where they came from, which pages they visited, how long they stayed on each page, and which page they decided to leave our website from.

This information helps us to continually improve the structure and content of this website, so it becomes an interesting and worthwhile resource for those people who visit it.

To find out more about the Google Analytics Cooke Privacy Policy, which also includes the Privacy Policies for their social media platforms, YouTube and Google+, please visit Google’s Privacy Policy.

Social Sharing Cookies – You will see these cookies used on most websites where they have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social sharing platform buttons.

These various social media sites will add a cookie only if you decide to Like, follow or share any of the content on the website using your social media accounts.

To find out more about these Social Media Platforms Privacy Policies, please click on the links below:

Facebook Privacy Policy

Twitter Privacy Policy

LinkedIn Privacy Policy

How To Delete Cookies

Most browsers will allow you to delete or disable cookies stored on your device by using the browsers ‘Help’ tab, or alternatively you can visit All About Cookies Organisation

To discover more about cookies, what they are used for, how to manage them and how to delete them, please visit the World Wide Web Consortium’s Website.

We published this website cookie page on the 8th April 2018. Should we decide in the future to add more cookies to our website, we will then update this cookie page and policy, so information about them is included.