Security Systems

Keeping you secure in an insecure world

Did you know in 2014, 47% of UK businesses suffered from some form of burgalry?

When it comes to security you are in safe-hands with us!

We’ll take on the responsibility ensuring your assets and the people who work or visit your properties are fully protected and safeguarded.

We’ll also ensure you and your business is fully compliant with all of the legal and insurance responsibilities, and as these change, we’ll keep your business updated.

5 Good Reasons To Contact Us For Your Security Needs:

  • Jargon free, expert security advice when you need it.
  • Specialist security know-how in the retail, leisure and educational sectors.
  • Experts in multi-site CCTV remote and on-site monitoring.
  • Guaranteed 24/7 nationwide security emergency response service
  • We’ve worked hard for our reputation and we will work hard for you just to keep it.
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Intruder Alarms

Our intruder alarm service includes everything you need from securoty system design, installation, commissioning to low-cost maintenance plans. Making any intruder or burglar quickly realise there is no point trying to break in.

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Access Control Systems

You need to keep unwanted visitors out, protect your staff and keep your assets safe. Our access control systems will ensure you and your business is secure. Our service includes everything you need from security system design and installation to commissioning and inexpensive maintenance schedules

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CCTV Security Systems

Our CCTV security systems will help you keep a 24/7 ‘closer eye’ on your business and should something untoward happen, you’ll have recorded information to identify the culprits or what has being going on.

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Nurse Call Systems

We specialise in providing the two main types of nurse call systems: Radio (wireless nurse call) that can be integrated with Smart Mobile Technology and hard-wired systems (with discreet wiring circuits) to nursing and care homes nationwide.

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We are Full Scope Members of NAPIT and therefore fully certified and insured to undertake:

  • Electrical system desing & installation.
  • Maintenance on all types of electrical and lighting systems.
  • Verification and/or inspection and testing work in compliance with BS7671.

As an accredited BAFE member we are able to undertake Fire Detection and Alarm Services including:

  • Fire system design
  • Installation
  • commissioning/handover, and
  • Maintenance.

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Intruder, Burglar Alarms Service

You Will Never Be Taking Chances With Our Intuder, Burglar Alarm Service.

There is a massive range of intruder/burglar alarms for industrial, commercial and retail premises, this is why it’s so important to get expert advice to make sure your premises are properly protected and fully meets your insurer’s requirements, at the lowest cost with easy maintenance.

Our free security risk assessment audit covers the two main elements detailed and recommended by The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB). A Location Survey which assesses the risk of the building’s contents, and a Technical Survey which looks at any aspect that might impact on the performance of the system such as electrical interference from local plant or machinery.

If you need free advice on how you can fully secure your premises or you would like to take advantage of our free security risk assessment audit, call us on 0121 680 0003. We are here to help you!

Door Entry & Access Control Systems

Providing Premises With Maximum Protection From Unauthorised Visitors At No-nonsense Prices!

Preventing unwanted people from entering your premises and restricting areas where you don’t want certain people to have access to, can easily be organised with our secure range of door entry and access control systems.

We provide a range of simple, yet secure door access systems to meet the needs of multi-occupancy residential and commercial premises. and our access control systems are used when you need to control the access of people into and around your premises.

What is the correct door entry or access control system for your premises? Call 0121 680 0003 to arrange your FREE on-site security risk audit today!

CCTV Systems And Remote 24/7 Monitoring

A Professional Security Service That Leaves Nothing To Chance!

We will design a CCTV system for you that hits all of the right buttons in terms of meeting your business objectives and staying within your financial budget.

Gauranteed you won’t be able to by better, because of our close links with the leading suppliers of advanced CCTV equipment including Samsung & Sony.

And, if you need a professional 24/7, 365 days a year remote monitoring service then we can provide you with this through our partnership with award winning emcs. Together we can offer our you a bespoke monitoring service to meet your exact business security and safety objectives.

When you need to instal a new CCTV system or decide to upgrade your existing one, give is a call on 0121 680 0003 for FREE and friendly independant advice.

Nurse Call Systems

Caring For People Nationwide!

As a private independent company, we are not tied to any particular nurse call system manufacturer, so we can genuinely provide you with free impartial advice on the right system for your organisation.

Our nurse call system service includes free initial consultations on the system that will be best for your premises, meets your organisation’s needs and comfortably fits within your financial budget.

We directly employ qualified staff who will undertake the installation and commissioning of your nurse call system with minimum disruption, and as a company we deliver a high level of after sales support and maintenance.

All of our clients are supported with a 24/7 nationwide on-site emergency response service should the need arise for urgent repairs.

If you are looking to install a new nurse call system or are considering extending/upgrading your current system, please call 0121 680 0003 for a free, unbiased consultation.

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