A quick overview of the new smoke alarm and carbon monoxide legislation which came into effect on 1st October 2015 for landlords of residential properties.


The Reason for this new legislation

According to the Government people are at least 4 times more likely

to die in a fire in the home if there’s no working smoke alarm.

This new legislation will help prevent up to 26 deaths and 670 injuries a year.


Who is responsible?

Landlords of residential properties that give one or more people the right to occupy the premises, as their main or only place of residence and a rent or licence is payable.

This includes premises with a Multiple Occupancy Licence (HMO).


Exception for residential landlords

A tenancy where the occupier shares accommodation with the landlord or a member of the landlord’s family and they share at least one entity. For example, a toiler, personal washing facilities, a kitchen or living room.


Legislation Requirements

  • Alarms must be tested at the start of each new tenancy.
  • Smoke Alarms – Must be fitted to every storey in the rental building.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms – Must be fitted in every room where there’s a solid fuel burning appliance.

Although the new legislation for CO alarms state solid fuel burning stoves, it mentions gas appliances in its Question and Answers PDF – “we would expect and encourage reputable landlords to ensure that working carbon monoxide alarms are installed in rooms with these [gas appliances].’


Penalty for non-compliance

This leginceslation came into effect on the 1st October 2015, without a grace period.

Landlords who do not comply could face a Civil Penalty of up to £5,000.

How We Can Help

At Sense Property Management, we specialise in providing fire and intruder protection services to  landlords and property management firms with multi occupancy rental premises.

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Supporting Information

The Government’s Question & Answer Booklet on this legislation

Residential Landlords Association – Carbon Monoxide, Legislation Advice for Landlords