The National Agriculture & Exhibition Centre (NAEC), is one of the UK’s largest exhibition centres. It is located on an 800 acre park near Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

During the last few years, the exhibition buildings at the centre have been going through a major upgrade programme to meet the latest demands for high class, large exhibition halls and conference facilities.

Sense Property Management have played a major role, throughout this refurbishment programme, by providing a wide range of expert electrical and fire safety services.

Hall 2 – New Energy Efficient Lighting Programme

As a major company, the NAEC are always seeking better ways to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce costs, which lead them to the decision to upgrade the lighting in Hall 2. A column free, flexible exhibition hall with a show space of 4,536m².

This involved us replacing their current 400 watt High Intensity Discharge lamps (HID), which were expensive to run and maintain, with sixty Light-Emitting Diode, (LED) Fusion Lamps.

The HID lamps needed their control gear replaced nearly every two months, which currently cost £15 each, and they have to be fitted by a qualified electrician. This wasn’t ideal for the NAEC, particularly when there was an exhibition in full swing.

The LED lamps we installed are maintenance free, with an expected working life of at least five years.

The project was undertaken over a nine month period, so as to spread the initial investment cost of approximately £60,000.

It is anticipated that the full project cost will be paid back within the next four years by estimated annual savings in electricity costs of £11,200, and the reduced maintenance costs of not having to replace the HID lamp’s control gear.

Is LED Lighting Right for You?

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